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James Bruges - letter to The Guardian. (Screenshot)

Jeremy Williams - Make Wealth History. (Screenshot)

Martin Stott - Town and Country Planning.

Tony Vickers - Introduction (screenshot) and book review on

Simon Thorpe - Simon Thorpe's ideas. (Screenshot)

Graham Barnes - FEASTA website. (Screenshot)

A conversation with Almantas Samalavicius - Eurozine website. (Pdf)

Conall Boyle - Citizen's Income Newsletter. (Pdf, pp.5-7)

Fred Harrison - International Union for Land Value Taxation newsletter - Summer 2012 (p.4). See also pdf of review.

Comment by Wendell Fitzgerald (p.10) - International Union for Land Value Taxation newsletter - 4th quarter 2012.

Desmond Berghofer - two posts on his Grandparents for the Future blog: Economics: Reform of the Money System (screenshot) and Economics: Fixing a Broken System (screenshot).

Pat Conaty - Resurgence (pdf).

David Broman - Le Club (pdf).

John Maclean - Industrial Worker newspaper (USA), April 2013 (pdf).  

John Rattray - New European, Spring 2013 (pp.33-34). (Pdf of review)


Other Comments

“I am really enjoying Future Money. It is an excellent book, with the simple language and structure of a 101 textbook but the underlying profundity of a treatise on philosophy.

”It is also an important book, and so I wanted to ask if you know how I can order some copies for India. I want to send the book to various ministers, politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats, including our central bank governors".

Jehangir Pocha, chief editor of India's NewsX TV station