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Tips for Using the Website

The following pages are designed to help you explore the website and to find what you're looking for.

The Introduction explains how the website aims to help different people

  • to use the website in ways likely to be of interest to them,

  • to make connections and links likely to be relevant and interesting to them, and

  • to choose more repetition or less repetition of similar subject matter as best suits them.

The Subject Guide contains a list of important subjects, with links to places on the website where items relevant to them will be found. This is supplemented by the Content Lists of Books and the Google Search facility.

The Contents Lists of Books gives direct access to the subject matter of all the books which are downloadable from the Website. Scrolling through it provides a useful supplement to the Subject Guide.

The Google Search of the website for a particular word or group of words provides another supplement. It can often be a quick way of exploring whether and where particular subjects are dealt with.

Links directly to other websites may help users of this one to find relevant material not available on this website.