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Newsletter No. 1 - January 2004

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Monetary Reform


The book I have jointly authored with John Bunzl, Monetary Reform - Making it Happen! (paperback, 80pp., ISPO "Making it Happen!" Briefing No 1), was published by the International Simultaneous Policy Organisation on 1 January 2004.

Pressures for a new political economy are becoming stronger as worldwide protest against the present form of globalisation and anxiety about American 'imperialism' continue to grow.

The new political economy will need to combine economic efficiency to meet human needs with social justice and environmental sustainability. It will require changes in our institutions, particularly those concerned with money and finance.

Monetary Reform: Making it Happen! explores the scope for an international approach to this challenge. It links two proposals that have come forward in Britain during the past three years. One is for monetary reform as proposed by Joseph Huber and myself in 2000. The other is for Simultaneous Policy, as proposed by John Bunzl in 2001.

Click here to read quotes about the book.

Ordering information Monetary Reform: Making it Happen!. ISBN: 0-9546727-0-4. Price : £5.00 Paperback (£6.00 including postage & packing. For international prices, contact ISPO at

Please make cheque payable to "ISPO" and mail to: International Simultaneous Policy Organisation, P.O. Box 26547, London SE3 7YT, UK.

Pio Manzu Conference

18-20 October 2003. The annual conference of the Pio Manzu International Research Centre, Rimini, Italy, was dedicated to the "essential figures of Ernst Schumacher and Ivan Illich, amidst many of their present-day heirs". The subject of the conference was "The Economics of the Noble Path: Fraternal Rights, the Convivial Society, Fair Shares for All". Alison and I were among the invited participants.

My invitation was for "his remarkable contribution to the promotion of a new economics grounded in social and spiritual values", and I was presented with a gold medal inscribed "TO JAMES ROBERTSON, CREATOR OF A SANE ALTERNATIVE". My paper, in the session on "Sharing Limited Resources And A Change Of Course", was on The Role of Money and Finance: Changing a Central Part of the Problem into a Central Part of the Solution.

For further information about the Pio Manzu Centre, the conference, the award winners and the Citation for my award, signed by Mikhail Gorbachev, click here.



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