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Future Wealth - Contents

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Introduction - ix

1. Changing Direction - 1

Avoiding Catastrophe—A Historic Watershed—Through the Boredom Barrier—The Dynamics of Change—Creating Tomorrow out of Today—The Politics of Economic Transformation

2. Principles - 12

Enabling—Conserving—Social and Environmental Investment —A Multi-Level One-World Economy—New Economic Concepts

3. New Ideas for Old - 20

Valuing People and the Earth—Beyond Materialism—Beyond Production and Consumption—Beyond the Impersonality of Capitalism and Socialism—Beyond Homo Economicus—Beyond Value-Free Economics—Beyond Smith, Marx and Keynes

4. People - 30

Purposeful Workers—Purposeful Consumers—Purposeful Savers—Reviving the Household Economy—Reviving the Informal Economy—Men, Women, Children and Older People

5. Places 42

Encouraging Homegrown Local Economies—Investing in Local Self-Reliance—The Third Sector—The Economic Role of Local Government—Other Actors in the Local Economy—Cities and Countryside

6. Nations - 53

Industrialized Countries—Third World Economies—Investing in the Capacities of Third World People—Investing in the Environmental Resources of the Third World—Investing in Economic Self-Reliance for the Third World—The Soviet, Chinese and Other Socialist Economies—The Single European Market, 1992

7. The World Economy - 68

A Multi-Polar Economic World: Two Scenarios—World Taxation and Public Expenditure—A World Currency—International Trade—The IMF and the World Bank—Transnational Corporations

8. Organizations - 80

The Boredom Barrier Again—Make-Up of the Corporate Economy—What Are These Organizations For?—Ownership, Control and Finance—Scale, Size and Type of Business—Decision-Making and Motivation—Business, Management and Organization Studies

9. Money - 91

Money as Master—Impersonal and Amoral—A Bird's Eye View—Money as Information—A Network of Flows—The Top Priority

10. Taxes - 102

Objectives of the Tax System—A Fundamental Shift—Occupation of Land—Energy and Resources—Waste and Pollution—Local Taxation—International Taxation—Taxes by Design

11. Incomes and Capital - 113

A Basic Income Scheme—Citizen Capitalists—Co-operative Capitalists, Self-Reliant Socialists—New Financial Institutions—Priority Tasks

12. Whose Money System Is It, Anyway? - 124

A Multi-Level Currency System—Deregulated Currencies—Debt, Interest and Credit—Financial Collapse or Soft Landing?—Money as Servant

13. Reorientating the Real Economy - 137

Work—Technology and Industry—Energy—Food and Agriculture—Transport, Housing and Planning—Health— Information and Communication—Education, Leisure and the Arts—Peace, Order and Security—Science, Philosophy and Religion

14. Agenda for the 1990s - 153

Some Key Dates—Laying the Foundations—Remodelling the Structure—Redeeming the Money System—Reorientating the Real Economy—The Prospects for Success

Appendix: The New Economics Movement - 165

Index - 171


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