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People, Power And Responsibility In The 2Ist Century

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Foreword by Ronald Higgins

Chapter 1. Post-Industrial Liberation And Reconstruction. (1977)
Paper for an Acton Society Trust conference organised by Krishan Kumar at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park, in July 1977; also given at a meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science on "Interdisciplinary Research and Social Progress", organised by Steve Cook at Aston University in September 1977. Published in New Universities Quarterly, Winter 1977/78.

Chapter 2. A Post-Marxist Strategy For The Post-Industrial Revolution. (1978) Paper for a session on "Responsibility and Response-ability", at a national conference on "Shaping The Future: Canada in a Global Society", at the University of Ottawa, August 1978. Published in Conference Proceedings, edited by Walter Baker, Centre for Policy and Management Studies, Ottawa.

Chapter 3. The Political Economy of A More Conserving Society. (1979)
Paper for a meeting of the Parliamentary Liaison Group on Alternative Energy Strategies (PARLIGAES), organised by Renee-Marie Croose Parry at the House of Commons, London, December 1979. Previously unpublished.

Chapter 4. Work: The Right To Be Responsible. (1980)
The Voltaire Lecture, on "The Right To Responsibility In Work". given at a conference on "Human Rights And Responsibilities" held jointly by the Progressive League and the British Humanist Association (Margaret Chisman) at Hoddesdon, England, November 1980. Previously unpublished.

Download Section 2 (Chapters 5 - 10)

Chapter 5. What Comes After The Welfare State? A Post-Welfare Development Path For The UK. (1980)
Paper for a conference on "Welfarism - What Now?", Stockholm, August 1980, organised by Nordal Akerman for the Swedish Committee for Future-Oriented Research. Published in Futures, February 1982.

Chapter 6. A New Politics. (1984)
Introduction to Fritjof Capra and Charlene Spretnak: Green Politics: The Global Promise (UK edition), Hutchinson, 1984.

Chapter 7. Money: 1, Thou And It. (1984)
Text for a talk on "a question raised by the emergence of a global money system", at the Teilhard Centre for the Future of Man, London, in October 1987. Previously unpublished.

Chapter 8. Towards A Post-Modern Worldview. (1990)
Text of the Open Mind Guest Lecture, organised by John Quinn and broadcast on Irish Radio (RTE) in Dublin in October 1990 as "Health, Wealth and Wisdom for the 21st Century: the Missing Ethical Dimension in Science, Economics and Lifestyles".

Chapter 9. New Commonhealth. (1991)
Published in Sara Parkin (ed.): Green Light on Europe: Heretic Books, London, 1991.

Chapter 10. An Infernal Strategy Review. (1992)
Published in Sheila Moorcroft (ed.): Visions For The 21st Century, Adamantine Press, London, 1992.

Download Section 3 (Chapters 11 - 16)

Chapter 11. Beyond Horseshit Economics: Local Economies In A Changing Global Environment. (1992)
Based on the opening speech, and a contribution to a later panel discussion, at a conference on "Employment and Economic Regeneration in Crisis Regions" organised by Karl Birkholzer in Berlin in November 1992 under the auspices of the Berlin City Government and the Technical University of Berlin. Published in Futures , March 1993, as "The Fallacy Of Single-Level Control".

Chapter 12. Monetary Democracy For Europe. (1992)
Published as "Economic Democracy: A Multi-Level System Of Currencies" in New European, Vol. 5, No. 2, 1992 - editor, John Coleman, 14-16 Carroun Road, London SW8 IJT.

Chapter 13. The Keynes And Thatcher Revolutions Have Both Failed: What Now? An Open Letter To The Chancellor Of The Exchequer. (1993)
Published in Resurgence, May/June 1993 (editor, Satish Kumar) in a series on "Ways To End Recession". (Other contributors were Charles Handy, Hazel Henderson, Paul Ekins, and Richard Douthwaite.)

Chapter 14. What's Wrong With Nuclear Power? (1993)
A note on "Some Arguments Against Building More Nuclear Power Stations", written in September 1993 for the Churches' Energy Group - convener, Bishop Stephen Verney; chairman, Sir Frank Layfield. Previously unpublished.

Chapter 15. Investing To Create Social Wealth. (1995)
The text of the opening talk at a conference on "Developing Social Wealth: Financing The Social Economy", held in Birmingham in May 1995 by the UK Social Investment Forum (UKSIF) (Pat Conaty and Danyal Sattar) and the International Association of Investors in the Social Economy (INAISE) (Viviane Vandemeulebroucke). Subsequently published in the conference report.

Chapter 16. A New Social Compact: Citizen's Income And Radical Tax Reform. (1996)
Published in The Political Quarterly, January-March 1996 (editors, David Marquand and Tony Wright).

Epilogue. (1997)


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